Brian is helped by two people with pens.  These are they.

Hywel Evans

A North-West-of- England minor celebrity in the field of popular radio for over a decade, Hywel now teaches radio, produces radio, runs a radio station, and looks after rabbits in his garage.  He studied 'Directing' at Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama and segued seamlessly into radio – or as he likes to call it -  ‘The theatre of the mind’.

Russell Gomer

The original ‘Valleys Boyo’, Russell studied acting at Welsh College of Music & Drama in the days before it became ‘Royal’. He has acted extensively in theatre, film and TV, ranging from the RSC to the regular role of 'Yanto' in Sky 1's network smash, Stella. Russell lives at the top of a very steep hill alongside family, cats and grotesque arcane collectibles.

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